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Our firm assists our customers to get covered by low cost all risk insurance policies issued by German giant Oscar Schunk and valid throughout the world.

Why Do I Need Insurance?
Should I purchase transit insurance for my property while it's being shipped?

İstanbul Ekspres as a full service logistics provider provides insurance brokerage to insure that you have peace of mind in your move. From our years of experience, we provide you detailed consultancy on transit insurance to help you choose the right policy. By balancing the needs of your budget with an assessment of the cost of your goods we can deliver a range of policy options to meet your needs.

We advise all our clients no matter how the size of your move to seriously consider insurance as an important issue in your international removals and freight projects. Transit insurance covers from point to point all issues that might come up during your move so that you leave nothing to chance. Transit insurance is needed and worth purchasing. It can not only save you thousands of dollars, but it also provides confidence no matter what happens.

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